Hi! My name is Ivan Tsanko, I am an independent graphic designer, type developer, and artist.
I think the work is about communication, how we thinking. About how we interact
and interest in our deal. Any work with me implies involvement and regular dialogue. General interest in the implementation of mind-blowing, socially important, and commercially successful projects.

Font design
I am developing a computer typeface, decorative & practical font solutions,
consider type in the context of product design.

Art direction
Development of a typographic logo, sign, form an image that directly or indirectly conveys the context that we found as a result of the briefing. How your brand product communicate with world & customers.

If you need advice on graphics or art direction, optimisation of use cases for your product, UI/UX consulting of applications or web products. Or any another type of work.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
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