Catalog of my draw. Different themes passing through the years.
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Canvas#1 | 100x110 | 2018
Canvas | 60x80 | 2020
Canvas | 200x130 | 2019
Canvas | 80x90 | 2018
Canvas | 28x25 | 2021
Canvas | 30x30 | 2019
Paper | A5 | 2020
Paper | A3 | 2021
Paper | A3 | 2021
Paper | A3 | 2021
Paper | A3 | 2021
Canvas | 15x15 | 2021
Early canvas. Abstraction as a reflection on the dynamics of history and forms. As a machine, non-living form that creates a dynamic flow.
The beginning of a dialogue about Ukrainian culture, perhaps criticism of religion and excessive actualization of Christianity in Ukraine. A mix of prison post soviet tattoos and christian religion in UA.
Observing visual tags of the political and social situation in central Europe. Aggravation and polarization of relations between people & social system.
Formation of autocratic regimes and their criticism.
Rethinking Christian icon painting to modern traditions of figurative abstraction.
The largest canvas presented. Just a tree. The idea is not to overcomplicate or assign
Post digital. Expression of virtual objects in the form of painting. Rock formations of interpretation, primitiveness.
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