Design new web product for great South European fin-tech company based in Oslo. With the marketing and research team on the client-side and the dev team on my side, we have developed heavy-functional and innovative products from MVP to central players on the European local market.
One of the states of the Dashboard page and mobile version of then.
With marketing company we were striving to make the interface more friendly and humanity.
But first, we work only on the function side.
Firstly we supervision the design of the iOS applications with basic functions.
It's an easy way to test concepts and functionals in the sandbox.
As a result of the revision of the functional core of the application and the technology stack in the team, it was decided to move to a web-app basis. This simplified the interaction with the application for users and made it possible to significantly expand the functionality.
Creditor settings page version 1.0. Experience and UI really entered on functional side, task what people to do in app. Not friendly but fast development.
Page for work with invoice credit.
Version 1.0

We add basic indication about new invoice, add filtration.
Basic design system in first version.
In the latest version of the product, where I was part of the development team.

The core task was to make the product more friendly and humane, we tried to work with an external client, with a single user, reoriented product model more to B2C logic. To this purpose we added elements of simplification and gamification of the interface. The user was guided through all the basic scenarios of working with the application. They helped to achieve the goal, began to act as a guide in the interface.

We rebuild graphic and identity side of product to make fin-tech product with human face.
We have implemented a notification and invoice identification system, improved the logical hover work.
Improved and redesigned menus and navigation for different types of users.
A very important aspect of creating a positive experience from the product is the ability to interact with the system without the connection of the client database.
This way the user gets involved in work faster and is more likely to remain a user of the product.
Simplified the onboarding system for non-corporate clients, made a training system and a quick start in user scenarios of the productWe have implemented a notification and invoice identification system, improved the logical hover work.
If we let the user into the product without additional questions, the person feels trust in the company and statistically becomes more attached to the product. Feels in control of tasks.
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