Lezo by Dima Kifuliak
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Type designer:

Lezo – is a futuristic display font with Ukrainian vibe, inspired by the forms of swords XV-XVIII centuries.

By definition, lezo means (a blade) is a sharp part of a sword, that is cut, pricked or chopped. The goal was to create letters that become words to cut way in unknown. Over time, the letters began to sharpen their forms, and that's what you see.

The font has high contrast, smooth and sharp shapes that
create a unique ornament. The main feature is the use of various elements, such as the tail in "З", "Д", "Ц", they have been in Ukrainian historical letters. This font shows how interesting the Cyrillic is – enjoy.

The font is under development, update is planned:
- creation of additional styles (italic, stencil);
- more languages support;
- improving the shape of letters;
- extension of glyphs;
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- Test on one desktop only;
- Not for personal use, don't use this file in your social network or another personal space;

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License for commercial projects. If you need a font for a brand identity, for an advertising company, for a commercial design solution, for interface and digital. This is the best choice for you. Use this to create print or digital designs.

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- full commercial use;
-Works for web less 25000 users (if you have more, contact me for coefficients);
-Works for logo/print/video/public marketplace/application/e-publication/social network/game;

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*TTF, OTF, WOF, WOF2, Variable
*License file in PDF
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Use these fonts for your social network, to inform your customers. To make the experience with your social media more character and great.

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- only social network;
- social media only;
- standard license for less than 25k users or viewer/month (if you have more, contact me for coefficients);
Instagram/Behance/TikTok/your blog/YouTube/Snapchat/Medium;

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*TTF, OTF, Variable
*License file in PDF
Study License
Work with:- non-commercial projects;
- personal/university study project;

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*TTF, OTF, Variable
*License file in PDF
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