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My name is Ivan Tsanko. I am a multidisciplinary designer & art director oriented on digital design solutions with fresh typography and sense. The central sphere of my work is information, how a person communicates, and what a sense design solution gives.

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Будуй Санс, шрифт дослідження, базуючись на історичних формах Кирилиці XIст. Писемність створена для розповсюдження Християнсьва серед слов'ян, спільний інструмент обміну і використання інформації у Східній Європі. Наша історія приклад знищення Української писемності, шрифт є дослідженням та відродженням рідних форм. Представлена Українська Кирилка, Стандартна Кирилка, Українська Латинка та Латинка Європейського континенту.

Buduj Sans, a research font based on the historical forms of the 11th century Cyrillic. The writing was created to spread Christianity among the Slavs, a common tool for the exchange and use of information in Eastern Europe. Ukraine's history is an example of the destruction of Ukrainian writing, the font is a study and revival of native forms. Ukrainian Cyrillic, Standard Cyrillic, Ukrainian Latin, and Latin of the European continent are presented.
Buduj Sans | Будуй Санс
New big update of Otto Attack Type, I make a full rebuild of glyphs but save the core characters, find new more useful forms for letters, make alternatives. Add Cyrillic with big Ukraine centered form, also make the alternative form, and add 2000 kerning pairs.
Attack Type update to version 2.0
How to choose the best license for the font so that it does not inflate the project budget and is effective. Fonts presented in the library TsankoType are licensed under different conditions, everyone can find the best option for themselves
What license do you need? How to use fonts in best price.
Glock Grotesk 2.0 is a multi-weight, geometry build typeface.
True modern view on language and Grotesk form font.
In search of new expressive forms, the geometry of the font turns to the forms of the Glagolitic alphabet, and modern decorative techniques.
Glock Grotesk 2.0 is here
I give full access to all fonts for anti-military design.
My opportunity for any designers and friends from around the world. Create a design to stop the war! Create posters, public appearances, blog posts and any other anti-war design and stop russian aggression activism design.
How it works?
1. Download trial file on;
2. Create design in anti-military theme;
3. Publish it;
Stop war offers for designers for all over the world
Lezo – is a futuristic display font with Ukrainian vibe, inspired by the forms of swords XV-XVIII centuries.
Lezo Typeface by Dima Kifulak
I want to give people who are interested in modern typography the best way to use my typefaces.
Starter fonts pack
Welcome home dear children. New three full free for commercial and personal use typeface. Available donate.
Nationalisation Typeface
I'm glad if my fonts come in handy in your project and deal. I develop different tools and things, some I sell, some I give for free. If you want to help to grow my work - you have a way. I will be grateful, it will go to the development of our visual work.
Thank you for you donation!
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I invite everyone who has bought or plans to buy a license of TsankoType fonts to a great opportunity.

If you need help in design with my typeface, you need to look at your design in another way or you want to discuss your graphic solutions what you have - contact me and we make a video meeting.

I will be happy to help you with your design and make great and successful projects to live.

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